A new law can help!

Illinois’ Firearms Restraining Order (FRO) gives law enforcement officers and family members a way to prevent gun violence through an expedient and civil process. If there is a strong likelihood that someone is at risk of harming themselves or others, a family member* or law enforcement** may petition the local Circuit Court for a FRO that can last from 14 days up to six months.

*Includes spouse, parent, grandparent, child, or step-child of the respondent, or a person who shares a common dwelling with the respondent. See relationship code on FRO petition form for all eligible relationship statuses.

**Includes sheriff’s departments, police departments, and other law enforcement agencies.

As an attorney, you have an opportunity to advise or assist a client in obtaining a FRO. A client may obtain a FRO for a loved one they are concerned about by filling out a petition and any other necessary paperwork. A client may contact their local sheriff or police department about a dangerous situation and mention the FRO.