Webinar & Presentations

Disarming Prohibited Persons in Illinois

From the Giffords Law Center, Sept. 2018


Yes, You Can: Physicians, Patients, and Firearms

From the Annals of Internal Medicine, August 2016

Webinar & Presentations


Webinar & Presentations

Men & Means: Suicide Prevention Skills Building Webinar

From Each Mind Matters “Know the Signs” campaign

Research & Reports

Policies to Reduce Gun Violence in Illinois

From Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Research & Reports

Is There a Gun in the Home? [Poll]

From Aging Life Care Association

Research & Reports

Safety Planning Guide: A Quick Guide for Clinicians

From Western Interstate Commision for Higher Education & Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Research & Reports

Risk-Based Gun Removal Laws

From the American Psychiatric Association

Partner Organizations

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

News Media

Illinois firearms restraining order act goes into effect January 1st

Fox News, St. Louis, MO December 26, 2018

Research & Reports

How Should Physicians Make Decisions about Mandatory Reporting When a Patient Might Become Violent?

From the Annals of Internal Medicine, Jan. 2018.

Research & Reports

Breaking Through Barriers: The Emerging Role of Healthcare Provider Training in Firearm Suicide Prevention

From the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, Sept 2017.

Research & Reports

Risks and Targeted Interventions: Firearms in Intimate Partner Violence

Oxford Academic Epidemiological Review, January 2016

News Media

Gun Violence Restraining Orders: A promising strategy to reduce gun violence in the US

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, May 2015

News Media

Restraining Orders, But For Guns

The Atlantic, May 2015

Research & Reports

Guns in Homes: A Health Hazard

The Rand Corporation, March 25, 2013

Research & Reports

Guns in the home provide greater health risk than benefit

Science April 2011

Research & Reports

Removing Firearms from Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Seattle Police Department, December 2003

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